How to define releases on bar.

Assume we have a frame of wind load:

And we want to add releases of bending moment. Additionally:

- bar 3 – on beginning of bar
- bar 4 – on end of bar
- bar 5 – on both ends of bar

Step 1 – Go to Release...

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Distribution of Surfaces Load

Assumed that wind load Q=900N/m^2 is acting on frame with dimension b=6m x h=3m:

In practice each bar assumes part of loading. We can imagine it, that cladding is divided on triang...

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Types of surfaces load

In Fenestratica application user can add different types of surfaces load.

In Cladd Loads tab it is possible to add 3 basic types of loads:

  • Wind – Wind Load – Load is always perpendicular to surface, value is given per square meter of cladding...
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Glass Weight & Glazing blocks at Fenestratica

Fenestratica allows the user to model glass weight and automatically transfer it through glazing blocks into Transoms

The user should follow the steps:

1. Definition of cladding:

Definition of cladding

2. Definition of weight of the Glass associate to cladding:

Imagine 10 mm g...

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Load Types

In Structool user has an option to choose the Load Type applied (Characteristic, Design). By default, application uses Characteristic Load Type option. To change the option, choose Analyze -> Calculation Parameters [Fig. 1 and Fig. 2].


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