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Structool performs engineering analysis of beams. Complete structural analysis data based in Finite Element Analysis: stress, deformation, internal forces, reactions.

Analysis follow Eurocode standards.


Structool is about optimization of beam as elements of structures. Civil Engineers specialists can rely on results of analysis and choose the best size of the profile meeting design criteria.

Unlimited Design

User friendly application allows for unlimited modelling 2D & 3D structures. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method used by high performing solver can verify and optimize any kind of Installation structure.

Professional Reports

Results of analysis collected into professional reports. Easy to print, save, archive and approve documents are prepared in very structured and easy to follow way.

Analysis and reports meet Eurocode norms.

Unique Features

Multilingual environment

Application uses very intuitive user interface and is available in several languages.

Languages used in engineering reports are independent from the main language.

Unlimited collaboration

Each project and design can be shared between users.

Application allows many users to work together on the same project.

At Structool you can expect your colleagues to contribute to your individual design.

Simple registration & Easy use

Quick & easy registration process.

Intuitive application interface.

Dashboard allowing for project management & providing access to the product and system data.

Online availability

Structool available from any place at any time.

Application uses modern technologies allowing for unlimited access from various types of devices, systems & internet browsers.

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