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Available Apps

After registration you get access to three powerful tools: Structool, Fenestratica & Wind Load Calculator

Structool - Beam Optimisation
  • Calculate reactions at supports
  • Calculate deflection of beam
  • Shear and moment in beams
  • Intelligent element – just click to edit
  • Calculation according to Eurocodes
  • Report generator – make report by simple click
  • Automatic data visualization
Fenestratica - Unlimited 3D Design
  • Automatic data visualization
  • 18 ready to use templates
  • Intelligent dimension lines – just click to edit
  • Special connections between elements
  • Calculations with own parameters
  • Graphical results
  • Dynamic Snapshot generator – share your model by simple click
  • Glazing blocks option
Wind Load Calculator
  • Calculations according to Eurocodes: BS EN 1991-1-1:2005+NA & I.S. EN 1991-1-1:2005+NA
  • Internal and external pressure coefficient settings
  • Wind Zones Map
  • Terrain categories
  • Additional parameters: displacement height; funneling
  • Wind load pressure value for windward wall, leeward wall and side wall
  • Basic results in table
  • Advanced results option
  • Export to CSV file option
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