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Dynamic Snapshot – Share Your Model

Dynamic Snapshot – share your model

New Functionality
Sharing effects of your work, now becoming easier than you think.

Thanks to the new functionalities offered by the Fenestratica (available at application at one click you can generate the link to the model. From now, you can send the link or directly place it on the website.

How to generate Dynamic Snapshot
Step 1 – Open your model

Step 2 – Set-up all your visualisation settings and position & orientation of the model the way you want to present it.

Step 3 – Click on the Dynamic Snapshot icon

In this moment application automatically generates the HTML code, ready to be placed on any website. The code contains the default size of the iFrame and the link to the Dynamic-Snapshot.

If you want, you can copy the link and send it directly:

Dynamic-Snapshot on the website
After placing on the website your unique Dynamic-Snapshot will look like the following:

Click on the window above and experience how easily you can rotate the model. And that’s not all. At the left-bottom corner you can find the button allowing for opening the model in new window:

Click now, get the access to the results, play, enjoy the unique experience and much more.

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