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Glass Weight & Glazing Blocks At Fenestratica

Glass Weight & Glazing blocks at Fenestratica

Fenestratica allows the user to model glass weight and automatically transfer it through glazing blocks into Transoms

The user should follow the steps:

1. Definition of cladding:

Definition of cladding

2. Definition of weight of the Glass associate to cladding:

Imagine 10 mm glass –> 10 mm x 25 N/m2 = 250 N/m2

Association of 250 N/m2 permanent/dead load to Cladding:

Glass weight to cladding

Or Instead of entering the data into the Table, user can double-click on the Cladding and enter the relevant information:

Glazing Blocks - head

3. Definition of the location of Glazing Blocks = Glass weight transferred into the 2 point loads:

Glazing Blocks

4. Results of analysis:

Fenestratica presents graphical & numerical results of analysis

Results - Transom analysis

DYNAMIC SNAPSHOT presenting the full model presented below:

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