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How to define releases on bar.

Assume we have a frame of wind load:

And we want to add releases of bending moment. Additionally:

– bar 3 – on beginning of bar
– bar 4 – on end of bar
– bar 5 – on both ends of bar

Step 1 – Go to Releases tab:

    1. Show local coordinate – we see that for bending moment we have axis X (Rx releases) and axis Y (Ry releases)
    2. Add 3 items on list – application automatically generates release’s code: x-blocked (fixed), f – released (free)
    3. Release the right freedom of degree
    4. Adding release to base

Step 2 – Go to Bars tab:

1. Show release code on bar
2. Assign correct releases to bars
3. Save changes

Comparisons chart before and after release’s definition

Chart My:

Chart Mx:

Model with releases you can see now, below on Dynamic Snapshot:

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